Jordan Henderson started making Music in 2004. He Recorded his first two Tracks in 2006 with his friend. He released numerous amounts of Tracks throughout his time in High School, such as With You, We’ve Got Bars, and Why You Watching Me. Further to that, he also performed and appeared on Radio Stations.
In August 2010 Jordan Henderson founded a Record Label, L.O.G.I.K. Independent Record Label.
Jordan Henderson released his first Single Midas Touch in 2013, along with a Music Video. Shortly later he released a Remix Version of that Track Featuring Cashis, C.E.O. & Laz.
In December 2014 Jordan Henderson released his first Mixtape, If Only You Knew. The Mixtape was a smooth, melodic type Mixtape, which Featured Laz, Abel Miller, Rah Digga, Cashis, Paula Rae Gibson to name a few.
In January 2015, Jordan Henderson released a Remix of his Track Overdose, Featuring Paigey Cakey.
In July 2015, Jordan Henderson stopped releasing Music to work on a new sound.
In January 2017 Jordan Henderson had an Interview stating he was making a Comeback.
In August 2017 Henderson changed his Record Label – L.O.G.I.K. Independent Record Label – to – Henderson Records – .